Moroccan Accents in Modern Interiors.

I for one am very pleased that Ethnic furniture is playing a bigger role in our furnishings and décor today than in years gone by.  Moroccan decor has gained tremendous popularity throughout the western world in recent years. Not only are many of the materials recycled, many of them are reshaped in to completely new art forms. All pieces are handmade so no two will be identical. Mmm, recycled and artisan made art forms handed down over the centuries. I like it.



Moroccan furniture and décor has been influenced by so many different groups throughout history. The Romans, Arabs, Berbers, Spanish, French, Africans to name a few. Is it a wonder that their décor brings us a warm ambiance, rich colours, seductive designs, enchanting pieces that will transform a room.

We really don’t have to decorate our entire home or any one room in the Moroccan style. Mixing a few accessories with contemporary furniture has a way of creating sophistication and pizazz. Choose a few items and let them become your hero pieces.



One of the oldest and finest crafts in the country are the Berber carpets. Berber means “Free People” and that is how the women seem to weave their rugs, completely freely with no preconceived patterns or designs, yet each one has meaning and tells a unique story. One of these amazingly patterned and colourful Boucherouiterugs placed on a contemporary hard wood floor looks audacious yet metropolitan. To my mind, very little can compare as a conversation piece.


The handmade metalwork includes hammered and engraved trays that form side tables which you can adorn with a colourful tea set, vase with flowers and candles.  Why not make it wall art? Nothing gives more of an exotic twist than a large silver or bronze tray on your wall. Try three in different sizes and designs if you wish.



Conjure up the feeling of Arabian nights with the metal cut workof pendant lights which can be placed together in a cluster.  The light filters through the intricate holes creating your own galaxy. Those with coloured glass,will throw geometric coloured patterns over your floor and walls dancing to their own tune.


Mix turquoise blues, jade greens, desert shades of red, orange and yellow with metallic accents.  Plain sofas will change their tiredness with a multitude of patterned coloured cushions.  Strategically place an embroidered beaded pouffe.


Don’t let me forget Moroccan mirrors. Place four together on a wall in traditional Moroccan designs and shapes.




New Kids’ bags your child will love!

The school holidays have just passed, and here at Home and Garden Online, we have a reason to celebrate! We have just received a collection of gorgeous new items that are sure to delight your child.

Introducing our latest range of kid’s accessories from Wildpack!



We are excited to share our latest arrivals for children, which are sure to make your child the most stylish in the schoolyard! Featuring adorable cartoon animals, the Wildpack collection includes cute backpacks, trolleys, carry bags and kids’ suitcases.

We especially love this Wildpack Hippo Suitcase. Water resistant and incredibly lightweight, this suitcase is easy to clean and handy to carry around. It also features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, making it the perfect piece to carry for travelling and for school.

We are certain that it will bring a smile to your little one’s face.


The Wildpack Tiger Carry Bag is also another favourite amongst the Home and Garden Online team. Featuring the same lightweight and water resistant properties, this bag will delight your youngster with its soft plush ears and unique 3D shape.

The vibrant colours and cute designs are sure to captivate, giving kids a reason to look forward to going to school. We are also certain that your child won’t use these bags just for school, as the cute designs are perfect for all occasions, all year round. Kids just won’t be able to put it them down!

Be sure to check our kid’s section for more fun items. With so many great options, we’re sure that you and your child will be spoilt for choice! We are also constantly updating our site with new arrivals, so do check back often.

How to decorate your home in the French Provincial style

Do you dream of living in a quaint little house in Provence or Normandy? Do images of the French country stir a desire in you for a chic but simple life?

Packing up and moving to France right away is not exactly a practical option for most people, but with Home & Garden Online, you  can bring French elegance to your home with our beautiful range of French Provincial homewares and furniture.

The French Provincial style (also known as French country) is all about simple elegance. It’s been around since the 18th century, and is recognisable by some key characteristics such as cabriole legs, ladder-back chairs and scalloped carving. It is most commonly painted in shades of white and you will usually find a rustic finish on reproduction furniture to give it that authentic, old-world look.

To transform your home into a shabby-chic country French abode, start with smaller items. Our Provincial Bedside Table is the perfect piece for your bedroom, giving it an instant French feel.


Our gorgeous Kantha floral printed white armchairs exudes warmth and femininity, we think Marie Antoinette will approve!

Kantha Armchair White
Our Adelle occasional chair is another great choice, featuring luxurious details and the classic cabriole legs; this linen chair looks just lovely in baby blue.

Adelle occasional chair
Alternatively, dress up your walls with a chic French-inspired art piece. The Bluebird Wall Panel 3 Section is the perfect choice for this, featuring rustic styling and an ethereal vibe, we are sure that this piece will add an instant air of understated luxury to your décor.

We have more French Provincial furniture within our collections, so head to our online store to find elegant treasures for your home today!

Freshen up your home with stylish lighting arrangements

It’s no secret that we love beautiful furniture and decorative trinkets here at Home and Garden Online. But more than that, we believe that beautiful items truly shine when utilized in a clever and stylish arrangement. After all, as our tagline says – it’s not what you buy; it’s how you put it together.

When you are thinking of re-decorating your home, things like wall coverings, furniture and colour scheme comes to mind. These are great in transforming a room, however one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to freshen a room is through lighting.

Proper lighting can enhance the colour and ambience of any room. We suggest developing a lighting plan that focus on the features you want to highlight in your room. This will give you a clear idea of how you would like to light your room, and will bring about more inspiration for other aspects of your home decorating plan.

To immediately create an impression, install a large lantern or chandelier at the entrance of your home. It gives your home a more welcoming effect while creating ambient illumination. We love this stunning piece from our collection.


Wall lighting is another way to add interest to a wall painting or any hanging art piece. Choose from our selection of gorgeous wall lighting to create an ambient space.


Invest in standing lamps as well to give you more options when you are decorating your home. As it is mobile, you can switch up your lighting arrangements with ease and as often as you like.


For more inspiration and for beautiful lighting products, have a look at our extensive collection available for purchase now in our online store.

How to create an intriguing all-white living space

Creating an all-white space doesn’t have to be plain or boring. White spaces bring a sense of calm and airiness to a room while being stylish and elegant.

Align your room to reflect the upcoming spring and summer months, as white spaces work best when light and sunshine are able to permeate and brighten up the room.

To prevent your home from looking like an operating room or a stuffy office space, we suggest mixing up textures, tones and sheen in your white pieces. Different textures in white tones will add interest to your room while providing details to break up the monotony. Another great tip is to place objects in sharply contrasting colours like navy or burgundy sparingly in your room. Doing so will make your white pieces stand out more and provide eye-catching, dramatic flourish. Here at Home and Garden Online, we have beautiful pieces to dress up your all-white rooms.

Add interest with textures and sheen, like this iron wrought bench in a rustic white coating, that looks just as good indoors as it does in the garden.


These rustic Harrier Dog bookends are a stylish way to mix up the white tones in your room.

To contrast, our pewter birds make the perfect statement piece to add a little whimsy to your room.

For more white decorative pieces, head to our online store where you will find a host of delectable products to bring your vision of the perfect room to light.

Welcome to Home and Garden Online

Imagine a beautiful country home. The white paint on the gates is partially worn away by time and the walls are covered with creeping vines. The sun emanates its rays, casting a warm glow over your prized rose bushes, the Victorian bench by the kitchen entrance and the smiling faces of your children playing in the garden.

If this is your vision of a perfect home and garden, you can be sure to find a beautiful range of complementing pieces at Home & Garden Online. If, however,  you prefer nautical accents, vintage charm or other styles, you can also find it here in our large and varied range of home deco pieces. We’re here to help you make your home as individual as you are.

As this is our first blog post, we would like warmly welcome you to our beautiful website.  Take a look at our range of stunning, high quality products for inspiring ideas, or to find that perfect piece you’ve been looking for to bring life to that empty corner in your room.

Bring an element of surprise to your home with this quirky little flying pig.

Or perch these aqua ceramic birds around your garden for a feminine touch.


For a romantic evening, light candles in these rustic candle holders and hang them on tree branches in your garden. Not only are they lovely for everyday use, it will make a beautiful addition to your summer garden party.


We have plenty of beautiful pieces in our store and we are excited to share it all with you. Remember to Like us on Facebook and follow our Instagram feed to keep up to date with all that is happening at Home and Garden Online.